Music Classroom / Program

Music Classroom / Program

We strive to accommodate the wishes and requests of participants, therefore we often have program adjustments. Please contact us or review our website periodically.

Piano Class

Classes: from the Beginner to Advanced

From basic techniques to reading sheet music, this class teaches chords and musical arrangement. Then it advances to music theory and engages the expressive undertones and emotions in sound.
  • Age:2 years old to adult (private class · group lesson)
  • Contents:Beyond simple piano playing, as we teach each student to express sound along with the skills necessary to improve their individual style.
  • Location:435 East 6th street #1GF NY, NY. 10009
  • Days:Wednesday~Saturday

Marimba class

We teach Marimba by familiarizing students with the warm sounds of wood. We begin with the basics—how to hold the mallets, create sound, and body posture—then we move to scales and rhythms. Advanced students will be taught how to play with quad mallets and gain exposure to expansive genres of Marimba.
  • Age:2 years old to adult
  • Contents:The beginner students will learn to hold mallet and enjoy playing the profound sound of Marimba
  • Location:435 East 6th street #1GF NY, NY. 10009
  • Days:Wednesday~Saturday
☆Capacity is currently full. If you are interested, we maintain a waitlist.


One of the after-school program of the Starchild.
The students will familiarize themselves with elements of music: "time" "space" "energy"—they will then learn to express these sounds and beats with movement. Children will embrace the natural harmony between their body movement and the music.
  • Age:2 to 5 years old
  • Contents:Express the joy of music by body movement
  • Location:435 East 6th street #1GF NY, NY. 10009
  • Time:Thursday 4:00−5:00pm
The price varies depending on the duration of class. Please contact us for further inquiries.

Please contact us with your name, age, gender, class and preferred time (with 3 desired time slots) We will respond via email.

Currently the piano and marimba classes are full. If you wish to participate in these classes please inquire including your name, age, sex, class and time of your choice (among the 3 time slots) and we will respond via email.