Terakoya / Saturday Early Childhood Class

Terakoya / Saturday Early Childhood Class

Class for 1 year old to pre-school children

Starting from the Mebae Group, the class advances to Futaba group → Wakaba group → Aoba group. We plan to advance the curriculum to 1st grade level of Terakoya supplementary school.

   ☆ Class Mebae begins and focuses on conversation in group setting
   ☆ Class Futaba learns correct Japanese conversation while increasing in vocabulary
   ☆ Class Wakaba emphasizes reading and writing while incorporating workbook learning
   ☆ Class Aoba focuses on composition in Japanese along with addition and subtraction

Saturday Play Group was established due to high demand from parents who have children attending to local daycare during the week and felt that their kids need more exposure to the Japanese language. Since September 2016 we expanded the class to 4 courses, offering programs that are tailored to individual skill levels. Combining the Starchild weekday classes (which focus on Japanese language, culture and traditions) along with Terakoya Supplementary School and Terakoya Saturday Play Group (which emphasize academics) is a unique course that is tailored to each child.

Even a few hours on weekends can do a lot. Please contact us if you are looking to provide a healthy cultural and educational environment for your child. We look forward to your inquiries.