Terakoya / Program

Terakoya / Program

We follow the US academic calendar with a September to June school year.

We provide continuous educational guidance with Terakoya young children classes, elementary school (1st to 6th graders), Middle school and high school, helping students meet their academic goals through university admission.

<Early Childhood Class>

Class Mebae (1 to 3 years)Begins with a group setting. Focuses on expanding vocabulary through Japanese culture and tradition.
Class Futaba (3 years)Teaches correct Japanese pronunciation and vocabulary.
Class Wakaba (3 years~)Lessons focusing on reading and writing (Japanese, Math, English)
Class Aoba (4 years~)Japanese grammar, learning addition and subtraction (Japanese, Math, English)
   *Class Futaba, Class Wakaba and Class Aoba do 2 subjects a day, 40min per subject.

<Supplementary Learning School Terakoya>

2nd and 3rd Grades, Local SchoolJapanese, Math
5th and 6th Grades, Local SchoolMath, English
7th and 8th Grades, Local SchoolMath, English
11th and 12th Grades, Local SchoolMath, English
   * Small classes around 5 people per class
   * 1st Grade, Local School ............ 2 subjects per day, 60min per subject
     4 - 6th Grade, Local School ............ 2 subjects per day, 80min per subject
     8 - 12th Grade, Local School ............ 3 subjects per day, 80min per subject
   *It is possible to attend in a single course.
   *Various test measures available (New York State Test, SAT, etc.)


As exposure to English takes precedence, Starchild will provide concurrent focus on Japanese reading, speaking, and writing so that the child's thought patterns develop properly. We carefully repeat this process of adjustment while adapting to individual child's learning pace. Our highly skilled team of educators, with expansive Japanese teaching experience in Japan and abroad, foster appreciation of Japanese culture through language.

Mathematics / Algebra

"What is a number?" "What is a fraction, decimal number?" "What is an equation / algebra?"
We thoroughly engage every child in the meaning and importance of learning mathematics. How mathematical formulas were developed, their rules and proper applications—step by step we foster their independence and hone their ability to solve problems. We teach basic arithmetic concepts for everyday use and help develop a natural curiosity for learning and discovery. We integrate Japanese methods of problem solving for application toward homework, tests and exams administered by students' local schools. Our star educator, Mr. Mukai, integrates excellent teaching techniques to motivate students, even those with extreme aversion to math. Starchild is determined to help create confidence in math skills by tailoring our curriculum for each student.


Even students who are native English speakers sometimes have difficulty articulating their thoughts and using proper diction. We help students develop advanced vocabulary and composition skills. Initial steps involve formulating a structure to one's own thoughts and to select appropriate terminology and framework. Instead of memorization we cultivate comprehension in reading, such as identifying and understanding author's influence (cultural background, history, emotions, etc.) and knowing the semantic origin of Greek and Latin words. We use this background to help prepare for tests, exams and homework given to students by their district schools. This teaching style is unique to Starchild and our proficient team of English and Japanese bilingual teachers fluent in Japanese culture.

Tryout class is available (for a fee), please make a reservation.

<Examination Measures>

NY States Test Prep Summer Program
Our countermeasures for tackling new common core teachings have been extremely successful, as our past students' scores have been at least a 3 in English / Math. We continue to update our lectures and teaching methods to meet current standards of pedagogy, and help prepare for the highest rating of 4 in NY States Test administered in April each year.
SHSAT (public high school), ISEE / SSAT (private high school) test preparation
Starting in the summer months, we begin preparation toward the end of year's competitive high school entrance exams. Since each subject test requires unique skills and training, we customize training practices to cater for individual disciplines. At Terakoya, we strive toward scores above 95% for English language and math exams. Our students retain a high record of achievement with average scores of above 90% and with a highest score of 98%.
University Exam SAT, ACT exam preparation
We will provide guidance with choosing a university, campus visits, and prepare for early admission by facilitating 11th graders for SAT, SAT Subject, and ACT exams ahead of schedule. We assign lecturers who are familiar with trends and countermeasures, aim for 800 matches for both mathematics and English. We also offer trial classes (for a fee), private lessons, and tutors.