Greetings from the founder

Greetings from the founder

"The ability to nurture friendship through PLAY." (Daycare)
"The power to CREATE and embody" (Music Class)
"Ability to LEARN and decide" (Terakoya Learning School)
"Play, Create, and Learn." Based on these three pillars, Starchild provides education that aims to build a solid foundation for our children. We are Manhattan's only Japanese daycare that operates as a nursery school, music class, and weekend, supplementary, leaning-focus school, "Terakoya."

Children raised at Starchild not only learn Japanese but also experience the Japanese culture through music. Even after a child enters a local school they can enroll in weekend Japanese language class, further their mathematics study from the local school, supplement their English study, and even prepare for University entrance exams. Our institution has developed many talented children all the way to college.

We are confident you will see that the experience at Starchild builds self-confidence and each class helps children to develop solid guiding principles for their important crossroads ahead.

Licensed teachers with Japanese cultural experience enrich this unique program, creating constant smiles at the home of our children. Starchild's daily interest is in learning, studying, foundation building, and providing each child with lifelong friendships--in order for all of our students to have a happy life in today's international community

Futoshi Mukai
Starchild Founder