Introduction / After School Program

Introduction / After School Program

After School Program Open Enrollment

After school is offered at the East Village School. (Open enrollment is offered to fulltime and/or external children)


East Village (For Daycare student and external infants)
4:00pm〜5:00pm (45min. program)
Kids Yoga
Hiragana & Numbers
Hiragana & Numbers

Target Age

  • Kids Yoga / Eurhythmic ... Children who can walk on their own
  • Hiragana and Numbers ............... 2 years and older

Program Contents

Kids Yoga
What makes us catch a cold? What can we do to stay in good health? Kids can learn how to stay in good health through fun yoga.
Through stretching out, curling up, rolling over and dancing, kids can learn about their own body using their rich imagination and flexibility.
Kids can improve hearing ability, rhythmic sense and attention span by responding to the sounds instantly in this class. By paying attention to how they move to the sounds, kids can enhance their imagination, creativity and self-expression. We offer these programs so that kids can visually catch sounds and rhythm through touching different instruments and other things with different sounds.
Hiragana and Numbers
This is our original program specializing in listening to, looking at and speaking Japanese. Speaking Japanese properly increases interest in Japanese culture and improves communication ability. Students of all levels(not only kids who go to local schools or only speak English at home but also kids who want to learn proper Japanese) are welcome. Kids can expand conversation topics through learning all 50 Hiragana characters and sounds as well as vocabulary and numbers.